Monceau: Pentagonal stone wall, base of the Temple of Apollo - Delphi
pileggi_antonio: People Everywhere.
cazalesi: Airport
babou.clermont: Beaufort Drôme
Marten B.: St. Petri
francoiscuenot: Where is my mind
eeblet: crack 2
P'pita: Dans la ville
Izymandias: Union
leo.roos: Visby ringmur
eeblet: crack 1
Brave Heart: Hospital Wall picture
YIP2: Cats and Dogs
Isa-belle33: Vous... qui passez sans me voir....
pat-s: Reclining blue cow with large crown
leo.roos: Purple walls and poetry
queue_queue: dead plants
Stadtromantikerin: Lost in geometry ©ariane coerper
queue_queue: Screened window and wall
Mike Matney Photography: 22 Paint Louis
Mike Matney Photography: 06 Paint Louis
Nigel Turner: Sunflower, Walled Garden Avebury Manor, Wiltshire