booksin: postmarked
eeblet: chapel of
eeblet: light
leo.roos: Geometry of an industrial estate
YIP2: Diamonds
DavidB1977: Entre les murs
gunnar kjaeer: schatten auf dem trottoir
fadercurle: T3T35884
M00k: sunny blue
jcasaresq: Pared. Wall. Cuernavaca, México.
Monceau: Old stone wall, sunlit, with moss
booksin: appropriated wall #3
leo.roos: Stone age walls, Ballowall Barrow
mzwarthoed: From the series: "Arrangements?"
booksin: appropriated wall #2
booksin: appropriated wall #1
Dr John2005: Mérens-les-Vals, Pyrenees, France, 2007
Mike Matney Photography: Creme de la Creme