Helsbruder: Where it ended
txmx 2: -
fotofish64: Stockade Historic District
denisbin: Rockhampton. The red brick Art Deco Civic Centre building from the 1930s.
gerrypopplestone: Re-bricking the paving
eeblet: omen
sladkij11: Basso napoletano
Helsbruder: Grauflächenamt Mitte
leo447i: DSCN0053
Joseph Hollick: Caprice Motor Inn on the Branson Entertainment Strip, Missouri
denisbin: Robertstown South Australia. Wesphalen's general store was built around 1900. It becme a Eudunda Farmers Cooperative store from 1919 to 1983. Now vacant.
neukomment: Street Scene (3)
延誌: 夕陽
(Specialeyes Photography): Leves and tree trunks.
leo447i: PA170177
Izzy Crow: Katrin
denisbin: Adelaide. The old and original parliamenn House of South Australia. Built and opened in 1855 with a single chamber for the Legislative Council. A lower house chamber added in 1857 when bicameral government was granted to the colony.
spankythemonkey: Bisbee,Arizona
延誌: 緣道觀音廟
ming@12: _Magic lamp guide.
Kasabox: Luz y sombras
leo447i: PA170093
gerrypopplestone: Catching the poles
(Specialeyes Photography): Wild Chrysanthemum (2).
manakel: Boulangerie
ming@12: Today Hong Kong
延誌: 晨彩
" Hema K Pillalamarri ": I Don't Care Floods, It's My Wife's 50 Fish, 100 Naan Breakfast, Very Urgent Delivery Sir, Top Priority...