Helsbruder: Footfault
fotofish64: Downtown Schenectady
stevebanfield: bike lane
Dorenrof Claudius **PARIS**: Objets des rues de PARIS IMG_20210324_142620
sailronin: Rural road Washington2
flavius200: Rush Hour
Phil C3: Parking
延誌: 琉璃光
denisbin: Spring. Lower Mitcham Adelaide.
leo447i: DSCN3370
f u oscar: Beer Run (Day 55 of 365 - still on the hook for Day 54)
gerrypopplestone: The new Tube station at Battersea
leo447i: DSCN3640
Robin Shepperson Photography: Boulevard of Ulterior Motives
延誌: 藍調
denisbin: Norfolk Island. Kingston penal settlement. The old Commissariate Store built in 1835. Now All Saints Anglican Church.
voar alto .: THE KING & I
lyura183: Burgas - Compass
deleokay: Looking from above
延誌: 晨彩
renseposthumus: Which way
Boganis: In the mist
gerrypopplestone: Drawing flags in chalk.
denisbin: Wirrabara. The 1884 Institute closed 1912 and became a furniture store. Consecrated as an Anglican Church 1964 with the 1908 foundation stone from the first demolished Anglican church.
Theen ...: Grass Shadows on Concrete
Studio d'Xavier: The Righteous Cause
ricko: An Encounter in a Parking Lot
annieleroy479: IMG_0266
leo447i: DSCN1122