Frozen-Moments.: Bay bench
r_law: Path into the Valle del Cocora
Santos M. R.: Pedra do Brazal o Pedra Cabalgada
Frozen-Moments.: Bay bench
oliverwittmann: Ein kleines Wunder der Natur
buchsammy: Sonnenuntergang in Gutmadingen
Arnez_: Maximus
Ted_Roger_Karson: Monarch Caterpillar Feedng On A Milkweed Leaf 20200712_140923
oliverwittmann: Am Josefstaler Wasserfall
PatricksMercy: The Beautiful India Arie in her video of Just Do You
linimal: blue train
rmh2008: Che bello Mamma mia!
Viv......Thanks for views, comments & favs: Beautiful Star of Bethlehem flowers
Romi Corte: Giglio martagone
Stefan Wegner: Lago di Garda - Torbole and Riva seen from Monte Brione
gianni.allasia: Dove si va?
Romi Corte: Sfumature
christine 25300: Linotte mélodieuse mâle
Tom Zsolt: Standardbred in Retirement
T-Bachir: The thing about the white horse -b
Viv......Thanks for views, comments & favs: Lovely ocean going fish features
Viv......Thanks for views, comments & favs: Willie Wagtail in urban setting
Viv......Thanks for views, comments & favs: Scenic Hobart suburban night lights
rmh2008: Aufriss ...
MárioGonçalves: If I could follow You over the waters...
Emanuel D. Photography: bei Nacht und Nebel