Harry Lipson III: Ground Color in Fall
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hn.: Olive Farming Spain Andalusia © Olivenanbau Spanien Andalusien © Olivar Andalucía ©
tombrewster6154: DSCN0566
Adel Tanahy: the remains ..
龔丸: 竜頭ノ滝
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Bad Kicker: Autumn Haze
retiredbombero2001: Fall Leaves
tombrewster6154: BrightYellowGroundedLeaf
leo.roos: Withered
retiredbombero2001: Cumberland Mountain State Park, Tennessee
retiredbombero2001: Autumn Leaves
retiredbombero2001: Autumn Drive Near Noonday, Texas
Bad Kicker: The Turning
Jen's Photography: 1 Japanese Gardens: fall
Jen's Photography: 4 Japanese Gardens: fall
rozoneill: Blackberry leaf
tombrewster6154: IMG_5410 November 22, 2016
rozoneill: Knock it off, it's not autumn yet!
tombrewster6154: IMG_5839 November 22, 2016