Lea Donoso: vulture
Lea Donoso: fruits
Go-tea 郭天: The follower
J-C-M: Crowne Plaza
zemanfoto: P1040687B&WflipZF21
ndnwithaleica: Stop. Smoking.
GerryL: Pandemic
jcurtsmith: Snow Covered Bench
brianarchie65: North Ferriby Monochrome
brianarchie65: North Ferriby Monochrome
hogophotoNY: Love Saves The Day - Black And White Version; New York, New York
AR_the old guy: Serpentine
robert.kraiczek: In der Maschinenhalle
SERIKCOHEN: Brighton Beach, Brooklyn NY
SERIKCOHEN: George Floyd Memorial and Protest March, Brooklyn to Manhattan
Phil R Berry: Brutal Structure.
2flutes: There’s Beauty In Simple
Jaihutan: The Old Days 36
charlesziegler4: zion mountain range pano B&W
yesitsfascinating: Behind the curtain
ronherst: Ice Cold
jmogey: Group Portrait: South Africa
brev99: New Year's Eve
nickdifi: east river nyc
jim mcmellen: A Sunset without Color
richard.hebert68: Vieux Québec
piotr_szymanek: Sexy sisters
Aspieneil!: Walkies Friday 8th January 2021
www.jhluxton.com - John H. Luxton Photography: L1220295 Cross Vein Mine / Cronk Vane Mine