Stonepicker+: Weathered Sandstone
Planitzer Pictures: Heute kommt Farn auf den Tisch
Johan Buts: Too Far Gone.
SurfacePics: Konzentratbunker im Wald
woodpecker_photo: DSC_1881_ShiftN
Paulo Villa: V066_MPC 3359
Foto-Runner: _DSC3569-HDR
Hunter's Photo Page: Glastonbury Tor and Thistles
terrylw64: Eclectic
Planitzer Pictures: grün in grün
spazioabbandono: Confusione.
woodpecker_photo: DSC_0852_ShiftN
federicolimongelli: C'era due volte
Luciano Toselli: Occupazione abusiva.
terrylw64: Creepy Baby Doll
Stonepicker+: Viking
Steff Photographie: 2019-07-16_12-59-58
nickw_photography: Prison of Freedom...
Massimo Usai: Level 42..3
terrylw64: Abandoned Bicycle
Carl Campbell: Sunday Walk (126)
-jon: 2019-07-15 Abandoned in Anacortes (2048x1535)
edwham: Red dress