PhilBee NZ (social historian): Chch, Antonio Hall (1)
PhilBee NZ (social historian): Antonio Hall (3), water tower
PhilBee NZ (social historian): Antonio Hall (6), the chapel
PhilBee NZ (social historian): Antonio Hall (9), front porch
PhilBee NZ (social historian): Antonio Hall (8), front entrance
PhilBee NZ (social historian): Antonio Hall (7), chapel - detail
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hbk1955: MIAMI ORANGE BOWL 1986
hbk1955: My mother's retirement 1985 from Westinghouse Corp.
hbk1955: My son's or brothers back in the 80s
hbk1955: This the old Gettysburg battlefield observation I took in the middle 1980s
PhilBee NZ (social historian): Nelson: old shipbuilder's sign
hbk1955: Back in the 90s, my annual golf trip to Myrtle Beach South Carolina. ABT 1993
hbk1955: Dan Bogino and me 2013.
hbk1955: A friend mine sold me his old 35mm Miranda camera and I working with with portraits
PhilBee NZ (social historian): Claridge's Road, Casebrook, Christchurch: barn (3) - rear
jaydro: Norwegian Sun
Rhisiart Hincks: Clirio gweddillion y Tabernacl (MC) - Aberystwyth, 2008
Mark in NOVA: Dover's Rusty Water Tower
Mark in NOVA: The Leaning Machine of Pepsi
Rhisiart Hincks: Diwedd Pontins / The end of Pontins (2015) - Squires Gate
Rhisiart Hincks: Cerflun / Escultura - Maspalomas
StevenM_61: Christ Episcopal Church, Joliet, 2004
Tranter Dewy: Memory of Manhattan 1997
hbk1955: Carnival Cruise Line SS Jubilee 8 - 1986