axel274: Chemin du Glapin, Saint-Prex
ha*voc: **
mzwarthoed: from the series: "Not more than hundred steps from my new front door"
chrisinplymouth: untitled
Pierre Layotte: Nieul-le-Virouil France 2013
Light Butcher: Blue Bin
St. Burke: Young Americans (prosaic)
philcosphotos: On the wall...
ha*voc: **
r.a. paterson: man smokes a cigarette while waiting for the bus
stephen sharkey: i don't know
Mark Walton1: Brunswick Centre
axel274: Avenue de la Vallombreuse, Lausanne
Rick Olsen: Fence with frost
Pierre Layotte: Nieul-le-Virouil France 2013
ha*voc: **
michaelj1998: Car Wash
The Art of Nothingness: 9743_05: Tea house. Shot on Mamiya 7ii
Studio d'Xavier: The Sunday Commute on the Manigotapi Express
Studio d'Xavier: Wrath 22 Trevor
merrick.sammy: Theatre
Maenette1: AARP Magazine! Menominee Michigan
axel274: Gare de Lancy-Bachet, Genève
axel274: Chemin du Gros Fayard, Froideville