frantisim: The bench
rabbit.pierre: Je vous accompagne.
Idreamofpies: Blowing in the key of Life
thingsihaveseen: Old-fashioned stationery shop in Oxford
frantisim: One man standing
oldeyes47: Stone Stairs at Holt Farm covid time
protsalke: Symmetry...
JC Reuland: Streets of Heidelberg
frantisim: Man on the bench
Oscardaman: 1208. Zoe 25
DanMarzocchi: Street music
--PaX--: Grue et oiseaux
--PaX--: Bastia
marcomarchetto956: 58 Ravenna
davehanley1: LUAS tram Dublin -= walk the line =-
아주오랫동안: ............. .. . .............
Photo Nurt: Don't shake hands during Covid
argentalico: Fotografia callejera Italia
Chris Jepson ARPS: No Passing.
marcostetter: wet hunk b+w
Chris Jepson ARPS: A Relic For Mono Monday
argentalico: Fotografia callejera Italia