jan warneck: sizzling
ScudMonkey: Stack
Florian Grundstein: autumn island
Mike Thornton 15: Light on the Water at Seaton 0895
Mike Thornton 15: River Severn Estuary, Lydney Harbour 0928
mikael.tornwall: sign dark
Mich.Ka: Marne_0819-5-2
EllaH52: did a modern Cinderella lose her comfy slipper?
Ximo Michavila: Miguel Fisac. CSIC Instituto Cajal #13
photo.pavletic: _OMD7152
J.Weyerhäuser: Square - Spielerei mit Rauch
RadarO´Reilly: The Beer After
Ondřej Řičica: Vodičkova, Prague
Small and Beautiful: in awe . . .
ShinyPhotoScotland: Lines and Areas (2)
brandoninidaho1979: A Red Delicious
Ba Tas: rusty into the blue sky
*F~: at my working table
Chris Fraikin: Delft LX
tree.hsu: The Fence along Pacific
Cookie ...: velvet
Christophe Staelens B&W: Cloudy, with a chance of rain
gsikich1: Ritz Carlton Cigar Lounge
╱╲LPHΛ |╲|ΣO |╲|OI☈ ╲╱-III: “THΣ SHΛDΘW ⱤIDΣⱤ ╲╱s Empire of Angels” // “Hate the sin, love the sinner.” ― Mahatma Gandhi
michele_carbone: Sunset beauty
S.Thunhart: München-Fröttmaning - "Allianz-Arena"
Ken Mattison: Old And New
Norm Powell: Hines Park - II, Livonia, MI, October 25, 2019