Photographybyjw: Basking in the Glow
Johan Buts: Welcome.
Johan Buts: Faded.
JarleB: DSC03424 Helleren i Jøssingfjord
JarleB: IMG_0036 Helleren i Jøssingfjord
rickwil64: Storm Coming
Gordon Hunter: consumption
CrËOS Photographie: Possession | Au fil de l'Aa #34
Under The Dust: EVS Flight Academy (1)-0042
Under The Dust: EVS Flight Academy-0007
permafrost.chair: [ad una poltroncina custode serve comunque avere un corpo anche se lavorato dal tempo per fermare gli intrusi] [ponti sugli abissi e traguardi simili]
Funny Cyclist: Ciemmona 2019 Friday (16)r
Gordon Hunter: Where it all began.
Equinox27: Wilson Shirt Factory
Photographybyjw: Cardinal
Isa-belle33: Les rides du vieux Bordeaux
mariamoore6876: Cotton Belt Building
scrappy nw: Abandoned Power Plant
mariamoore6876: St. Louis Refrigerating & Cold Storage Co.
Marco Bontenbal ( A world without weapons is an illusion
rickwil64: All Boarded Up
ap0013: Shipwrecked
Neo Urbex: Abandoned
Ian Ramsay Photographics: Three chimney's Violet Town.
PhilBee NZ (social historian): Riwaka: tractor and tea
mariamoore6876: Ashley Street Powerhouse