IanAWood: All over the Northern section of the cemetery someone has placed home made tanks on individual graves
IanAWood: Gone but not forgotten
IanAWood: Memorials for those not forgotten
IanAWood: The Doherty family grave
IanAWood: The grave of Pauline Ward
IanAWood: The grave of Lulu Buckland
IanAWood: _IAW5494
IanAWood: The grave of Annie Sherlock
IanAWood: A shrine to Gavin Paul Newton
IanAWood: Shrines to the recently departed
IanAWood: John Joseph and Francesca Walsh grave stands out and above the rest
IanAWood: Graves old and new
IanAWood: Flowers on the Bostock monument
IanAWood: The grave of Colin Wilding is well maintained
IanAWood: Aged headstone
IanAWood: A shrine to baby Stokes
Gary S. Crutchley: St Margaret's, Great Barr, Birmingham 22/02/2019
IanAWood: A shrine to Peter and Joan Meredith
E11y: Highgate Cemetery
E11y: Highgate Cemetery
IanAWood: Another dying to get in
IanAWood: Plastic blooms upon a recent burial
E11y: Highgate Cemetery
E11y: Highgate Cemetery
E11y: Highgate Cemetery
IanAWood: The grave of George Malakos
IanAWood: The grave of Jerome Richards
IanAWood: An Angel holds a rose close to her heart
IanAWood: Flowers on the grave of Fatmabai Merali
IanAWood: The family plot of Charles Foster