enzocavalli: Doodle.003
vincentkiew: China town.
sdrnet: The myth of Perseus and Medusa
sdrnet: The myth of Perseus and Medusa (Night mode)
Johann Hück: Lego kart
bricksnoirstudios: Rita Hayworth
Twilight Yellow: [AMOC challenging] A Lego group member sold me an incomplete Nexo Knights boxset (without minifigs and the flight) and I tried to use this boxset to build a tank destroyer. An armored car is also can be built with the remaining bricks. Happy play!
Twilight Yellow: [World of Tanks] The famous tank in Cold War period, Soviet T-54 series (including its Chinese clone model Type 59), are the most-produced tank in military history. T-54 series are still in widespread service around the world. #Lego #WorldOfTanks
_adwind_: Lego Chip n Dale
Twilight Yellow: [Traditional Craft] Chinese flower plaque is a bamboo banner for festivals or ceremonies. The plaques symbolise luck, happiness, with colourful flowers around the blessings. We can find these plaques in New Territories of Hong Kong. Hope that Hong Kong pe
Karf Oohlu: 'Tired' Trollbeast
r19479: astronaut
Tom-Gerardin: Box Bot 📦
SovetskiyMedved: Somekon Karush-4522.
jan.kusters: FebRovery 20
SovetskiyMedved: Somekon Aurora C.
SovetskiyMedved: Somekon Visla V4 Sedan.
Devid VII: Camo battle suit CM01 and support drone CM02
wrtyler: National Museum of American History at Night
hd_lego: Can you spot the Geocaching trackable? 😉 It has traveled over 26.000 km already...
Tito_P: N-79 Seawolf - 5 Back
Tito_P: N-79 Seawolf - 7 Cockpit Opened
Tito_P: N-79 Seawolf - 2 Front
Flancrest_Enterprises: Banded dotterel
Wilson, Wilson, & Wilkins: Lego Custom: Turkish Spider-Man
lego911: SEAT Ateca CUV
lego911: SEAT Ateca CUV