abelbelette: STJ_3069.jpg
Amselchen: spring light 2 @ Südpark, Düsseldorf 2022
Rialto67: Vienna, at Albertina
Gerry@RT ~ THANK YOU: Stairway to Heaven...
giorquagio: Nocturne ...
j.vanovervelt: Soft focus in black and white
GR167: Xtremely Grey
kacagany: DWISS RS1-BB mechanical
steve.gombocz: Always something to photograph in York.
BlackWatch2000: German Wehrmacht vehicles on a rural road during the Battle of France 1940
JcP_LookinG: Metallicum Spirits. Paris
herveburgain: IMG_8489-01-02
my backyards: La Naissance Du Monde by La Godivelle.
MS-1976: Timmy
Andre T 44: Le fils parti est revenu.......
Fia by Marv: white Niqab
Neilfatea: Lacock Abbey - Photocredit Neil King -8
Neilfatea: Fallen Tree - Photocredit Neil King -3
mifranc91: Abandonnée
Amselchen: old farmhouse awaiting for renovation to luxury housing
HRN.POSHOR: 2023 02 04 Nothing to hold
galkojan: Circle stones ...or
maurizio fantinelli: Orsi Mangelli Square - glimpse (2)
maurizio fantinelli: Orsi Mangelli Square - glimpse (1)
Tube Studio: Playtime is over
la_imagen: 003320