Gary Tompkins: Cushman & Sons Woolen Mill
chasing industrial ghosts: Industrial Holyoke
Gary Tompkins: A.D. Ellis & Sons Mill #3
Gary Tompkins: Hydeville Mill aka Phoenix Woolen Co.
Mike Z: Power Plant Exterior IMG_6684
Mike Z: Ingersoll-Rand IMG_6681
Mike Z: From the second floor IMG_6680
Mike Z: Green Beard IMG_6679
Mike Z: Where the sun dont shine LV4A7672 i
Mike Z: This way out LV4A4999
Mike Z: Pipeage LV4A4992
Mike Z: Machine LV4A4990
Mike Z: Junction LV4A4981
Mike Z: Governor LV4A4966
Mike Z: Without power LV4A4963
Mike Z: Hard Cleats LV4A4960
Mike Z: Boilers from above LV4A5024
yelovet00: Quiet Reflections
Mike Z: Curls LV4A4820
Mike Z: Trusses LV4A4815
Mike Z: Pits LV4A4807
Mike Z: Puddle LV4A5071
Mike Z: Offices LV4A4798
Mike Z: Flue Gas 1 and 2 LV4A5013
Mike Z: Wall still stands LV4A5057
Mike Z: Back of the boiler LV4A5022
Mike Z: Inspection Portal LV4A5020
Mike Z: Boiler Room LV4A5006