Postcards from Canada: Martin Loeffler, 2021, Lake Simcoe — Behind the Woodshed
nikjanssen: De uitrol van een zonnige nazomerdag
Stefan the Cameraman: Curious people you meet in Antiques Shops
jev: Nightscapes, New York City
leo.roos: Herbstfreude
jjdraft: bird house
CVIja(x): Blurry, Buerry
itarugra: admiring the surface of the river
faf2019: Moguériec in the mist with a kind of focus stacking
happad fotografie: Sea’s of bright colored flowers& bokeh
Jürgen Hoge: helianthus
blueverbena: The Meaning
afuril1973: _9170016-Bearbeitet.jpg
kboul: Helios 44-2
Scotty7949e: Gas Station on Route 66
Paul.Y-D: West Hoe, Plymouth
*altglas*: ultra blur
sarrabade: Buddleja davidii, arbusto de las mariposas.
pstenzel71: Rudbeckia
Ron and Co.: Rowan berries
visualstripes: Chalcolestes Viridis - Willow Emerald Damselfly
nature marvels: Blackcap
Future-Echoes: Oak Leaves
seanlired: Alice in Neon land
New Jersey Lens: Purple Cleome
Untld Unwrttn: r001-021
Anghelov's: Anghelov's Photography
zuluviper: DSCF2977
Thank you, my friends, Adam!: Life is about sharing
Omygodtom: B-4 the Storm.