Orbmiser: D500 June 8th to July 22nd - 2019 Slideshow
Orbmiser: Only In Portland Neon
Orbmiser: Pink Sidewalk Flowers
Orbmiser: Bushes Along the City Lightrail Track
Orbmiser: Dangling Light Window Refelection Bokeh
Orbmiser: Analog Phone Alone in the Dark
Orbmiser: Someone Missed their Medications
Orbmiser: Orange BikeTown Ready to Ride
Orbmiser: Ligtrail Max thru City Center
Orbmiser: Caution Netting
Orbmiser: Lighted Scaffolding
Orbmiser: Sidewalk Flowers
Orbmiser: Construction Continues Everywhere
Orbmiser: Day Lily Garden
Orbmiser: BikeTown Sidewalk
Orbmiser: SqaureSpace Window
Orbmiser: Windows Stack
Orbmiser: Parking 404
Orbmiser: Sidewalk Safe Left Behind
Orbmiser: Green Leaves 1 of 3
Orbmiser: Green Leaves 2 of 3
Orbmiser: Green Leaves 3 of 3
Orbmiser: Ram Head Pottery
Orbmiser: Tree Bark Flaking
Orbmiser: Greenry thru the Fence Line
Orbmiser: Suck Up the Sludge
Orbmiser: Dangling Little Purple Flowers
Orbmiser: Bee on White Flower Buds
Orbmiser: Bamboo Trees Along the Wall 1 of 2
Orbmiser: Bamboo Trees Along the Wall 2 of 2