Paul McGoveran: 1350 Northern Pintail
J C Scot Images.: Jumping Puddles
brian_stoddart: Little Owl
ansgar11: My precious!
Wolverine09J ~ 2.2 Million Views: (()) Passive Postured Possum (())
Pablo Carrascosa: Today could be a great day
Phasmomantis: Grey Squirrel - Sciurus carolinensis
ctofcsco: Breakfast Buffet
Pana53 - the photographer: Pilze - Mushroom - Gemeiner Samtfussrübling“
Mobile Lynn: Love is in the air 503_2750.jpg
dave_telford: Common Garter Snake, Estero Bluffs State Park
Don Bullens: Malachite Butterfly. ( Siproeta stelenes )
klaus.huppertz: white-tailed eagle
Oldt1mer - Keith: Juvenile Dunnock - Prunella modularis
alcarria XXI: Iglesia de nuestra Señora de los Llanos
françoispeyne: MSM heure bleue
Siuloon: IMG_7686 From Madagascar to Minnesota, what's next?
lincerosso: Fumo profumato
Ferrarezi - The art of painting with a camera: Mergulhão d'ouro (Podilymbus podiceps)
dorneyphoto: Sunset with JS 8167 on its way to the curve with the pipe, Sandaoling, China
Bill Herndon: Full Monty
Mobile Lynn: Puffin 503_3955.jpg
A.M.G.1: Study of the fly on the lionesses nose!
Runa 59: La tierra pintada
andrewshaw11: Western Meadowlark
W.I.L.D. Giorgio: Alba veneziana dal Ponte dell' Accademia
Luc L. Legrand (thanks for 5.5 M+ views): Nomads, Afrikanischer Elephant, Loxodonta africana
RosePerry1107: Lion Cub