robert.gx: Lake Roland Falls
sibymanuel2: _DSC2249
sibymanuel2: _DSC2265
Michael Smith PhotoArt: The Many Hues of the Painted Desert
ebirdman: Oh...Not You Again!
VolVal: On the wing: 4.8.20.
coulportste: Just Landed
brianlarsen4: Landmannalaugar
hedgehoggarden1: Southern Migrant Hawker
vieubab: cormorans
todd5524: Fight or Flight!
todd5524: Singled out Tree!
todd5524: To the Beach!
Fred Roe: Waxwing stare
thomas.barbig: ...Gipfelstürmer.
hinzyy: Sunset lights up scattered clouds , Hatteras Island, NC
Airton Morassi: Lavender
patrick68110: Chamois (fr) - Rupicabra rupicabra (Linnaeus, 1758) - Gämse (de) - Chamois (en)
Yves F.88: Weissstorch
miketabak: Marbled Godwit
Beth Rizzo: Up close! Female Ruby Throated Hummingbird
wjaachau: Sweet yet simple, Daisies bring smile for days!
ebirdman: Summertiiiiiime! ...... And The Livin' Is Eeeeasy! ...... But The Katydid's Ain't Jumpin' ....... Anymore
rumerbob: Royal Lily Regal.
VolVal: Sparrows feeding: 4.8.20.
Gord Sawyer: Baby Bluebirds
vieubab: après une bonne douche...