hedgehoggarden1: Shuttle shaped dart
hedgehoggarden1: Common Carpet moth
hedgehoggarden1: Brown China mark moth
hedgehoggarden1: Heart & dart moth
hedgehoggarden1: Hoverfly
hedgehoggarden1: Mother Shipton moth
hedgehoggarden1: Latticed heath moth
hedgehoggarden1: Azure damselfly
hedgehoggarden1: Small Copper
hedgehoggarden1: Small yellow underwing moth
hedgehoggarden1: Scarce Emerald damselfly
hedgehoggarden1: Grizzled Skipper butterflies
hedgehoggarden1: The Four spotted chaser & the Spider
hedgehoggarden1: Feeding young
hedgehoggarden1: Brown Silver line moth
hedgehoggarden1: Broad bodied Chaser
hedgehoggarden1: Male Heath moth
hedgehoggarden1: Female House Sparrow coming out of hole 5.
hedgehoggarden1: Common heath moth
hedgehoggarden1: Pied Wagtail
hedgehoggarden1: Grizzled Skipper
hedgehoggarden1: Dingy skipper butterfly
hedgehoggarden1: Water violets
hedgehoggarden1: Hare pair
hedgehoggarden1: Water violet ICM
hedgehoggarden1: Wood pigeon family
hedgehoggarden1: Dung fly on cow pat
hedgehoggarden1: Hares in a Norfolk field