Steve.D.Hammond.: Bookish Dirge.
jadedirishgryphon: Pyramidhead
Ba®ky: Marker
jadedirishgryphon: Kite-Fishing for Flying Saucers
I know nothing: For the past is dark and full of terrors
Мaistora: Fragments of Alcazar
Steve.D.Hammond.: Inadequacies.
Ba®ky: We are Stardust
Steve.D.Hammond.: Demons Trying To Hold Down A Ascending Angel.
Steve.D.Hammond.: Charming River.
jadedirishgryphon: Headed Into Autumn
.no.pussy.blues.: “For you I came to forsake Lay wide despise and hate I sing of you in my demented songs For you and your stimulations Take what you can of me Rip what you can off me And this I'll say to you And hope that it gets through.”
chookens11: School holidays start in Mornington this afternoon.. great day for the beach in Mornington
chookens11: A beautiful Waratah..
chookens11: Mornington this afternoon..
Steve.D.Hammond.: Joseph Cornell.
chookens11: Mornington this afternoon
backup1940: Back Yard Birding !
jadedirishgryphon: Urban Duck
Мaistora: Backyards and skyes
jadedirishgryphon: You can run, but you can’t hide.
jadedirishgryphon: Portal Malfunction
jadedirishgryphon: Totally Confused
chookens11: Sunset bliss
chookens11: Mornington pier ..
Steve.D.Hammond.: Determined Destiny.
jadedirishgryphon: Flying Fish