Emily1957: Geisha in Purple Flowers
tango-: Paris, France, August_2019_1019
Bigbird3: Basking in Sunlight
ks.bellevue: Smoke break
jultchik7: Flapjack Riegel mit karamellisierter weisser Schokolade und Salzflocken
Bird-Lover: Charmed
elin*: There is always more that one point of view
kuestenkind: Beach Huts II
Small and Beautiful: Rainy fall day. A Slider:-)
yuanxizhou: civitavecchia- Italy
Michelle ️: 320/365 - stay warm and drink hot chocolate
Small and Beautiful: Drama Lily :-)
Christine Padmore: Tin pot with ribbon
ks.bellevue: Let the party begin
gabi-h: Getting in the Mood
Renee Rendler-Kaplan: The double sided Ever Changing Rock
elin*: “Whatever comes, let it come, what stays let stay, what goes let go” Papaji
Tracy Metz: Cascade pond
SunshinePix: 1119-1
SunshinePix: 1119-2
scoopsafav: Cait outdoors
scoopsafav: Carly beach
scoopsafav: Regan - Class of 2020