77dps: Mendon Ponds
cogozalez1: Volubilis II
Marie Dashkova: musician of fall
denisbin: Hindmarsh Valley School. Opened in this fine old stone building in 1867. Closed in 1946. Was used as the village hall until the new public hall was built in 1958. Now the Country Womens Association rooms.
millicand79@gmail.com: Park Landscape & Monument, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation.
denisbin: Hindmarsh Valley. The local hall built in 1958.
denisbin: Innman Valley Bible Christian Church built in 1871. Became Methodist 1900 and Uniting Church in 1977. Porch added 1937.
denisbin: Marree School began in 1885. This galvanised iron school with good roof ventilators was erected in 1908.
S Collins 2011: I shouldn't.....
hex1952: P8021414 PEARSON
Howard Somerville: Fairford Flags
cogozalez1: Reyes Catolicos y Angeles de la Catedral
Herrmaennchen: crab time
Alexandre D_: some frozen air bubbles
Francesco Impellizzeri: Forgotten Land
Elliott Cowand: Halloween West Hollywood 2019 Day of the Dead - Dia de los Muertos costumes
cogozalez1: Decoración de la Lonja de Valencia
@Nitideces: Gabriela 18
cogozalez1: Detalle de las columnas de Santa María del Naranco
Alexandre D_: Belgian F16 Solo Display (w countermeasure)
silviusdamicus: mandela's park autumn 524
silviusdamicus: mandela's park autumn 529
Carol (vanhookc): Be the Light
mgheiss: cars at night
47604: toadstool
donnieking1811: Two ladies all dressed up for a night out.
Robin Shepperson: !!Happy Halloween!!
alainazer: P1010366