Andy Ziegler: The wonderful people of Amsterdam.
Carol Ohler: Good night from Grand Cayman
Carol Ohler: Sargeant Scarlett and LAPD keeping us safe at the ballpark.
Carol Ohler: The beautiful V6 Ranch in Parkfield, CA
Carol Ohler: Cowgirl Kathryn
5of7: Spring Skiing
Carol Ohler: This ostrich looks pretty pleased with herself after biting Cynthia's hand while she fed her. Cynthia not so much.
Carol Ohler: Happy Lefthanders Day 2015 I'm giving this restaurant a thumbs up.
Rhisiart Hincks: Mardi Gras Caerdydd / Cardiff 2013 - Hollister 1922
pikespice: I Heart My Water Heater
Ashley Hebblethwaite: Hand Wall overlap
Cin Cyr: bassman
Cin Cyr: feelin' good !
Emma Swann: Kristian, Save Your Breath
greyhorse_azeri: Schooling Snapshot
greyhorse_azeri: Thumbs-Up Winner
Elysia in Wonderland: Reece stuck in a tree
iLalena: Everything is OK
Dave G Kelly: Thumbs Up For Sunshine
Mississippi Snopes: 2012 - 10 - 10 - Dick K says thumbs up to the Nats
Elysia in Wonderland: Thumbs up for the sun
Elysia in Wonderland: Me taken by little Josh
Elysia in Wonderland: Emily, Lucy and Me