5of7: Lethbridge People
5of7: Country Road
5of7: Weathered Old Barn
5of7: Alberta Sunset
5of7: Antenna
5of7: Squares
5of7: The Darkness
5of7: The Darkness
5of7: Winter Hare
5of7: Winter Hare
5of7: Winter Hare (2)
5of7: White Jack
5of7: Winter Hare
5of7: Stretching
5of7: Urban Sunrise
5of7: Birthday Girl
5of7: Covered
5of7: Snowman
5of7: Christmas Outdoors
5of7: Christmas Decorations
5of7: Marvel Christmas Decorations
5of7: Under the Tree
5of7: Christmas Presents
5of7: Christmas Couch
5of7: Architecture
5of7: Mother Mary
5of7: Motorcycle Santa
5of7: CovidLoves.ca
5of7: Whisky Jack (Perisoreus canadensis)
5of7: A Wink and a Smile