Land of Dolls: Christmas Eve 2016
Glimmer O'Bright: Vanessa Perrin "Take Me On".
meg fashion doll: Merry Christmas! :)
55randomclicks: Merry Christmas!
Sulamif: Poppy Parker Endless Summer
Sulamif: Merry Christmas 🎄😘
DGdoll.pullip: Merry Christmas !!! 🍭🎺
FarrahF: happy holidays
noelcruzdolls: Winter Sleigh Ride
peekkabooiseeyoudolls: 🍀🎁🎀🎄I wish you all a wonderful Xmas time!🎄🎀🎁🍀 #peekkabooiseeyoudolls
Sophie's Pullips: Poppy & Sebastian - Pullip Classical Alice & Taeyang Timulus
MissLAndMrH: All dressed up on Christmas eve!
little_moshi: Presents under the tree
Candie Dolls ♡: Rosie Merry Christmas!
SwaggyWiggums: December 24-Flickr advent "After the party"
assamcat: Quiet
Candie Dolls ♡: Amelie Merry Christmas
kathringiertz: Türchen Nr. 23, Charisma&Frollein KGB:warten ist doof!
Pink Anemone: Someone must have chilly hands!
enigma02211: She's Not There
NylonBleu: Frozen Queen and the Deers
SwaggyWiggums: December 23-Flickr advent "Those treasured memories"
NylonBleu: Cha U's little Christmas Light
Annette29aag: Holiday Group Photos around the Tree
Glimmer O'Bright: Ginger and her reindeer.
Sylvanako: Sylvanian Families - Sleeping Santa
SwaggyWiggums: December 21 Flickr Advent "Home for the Holidays"
NylonBleu: Remember the old times Degas
Deirdre Snook: Riga Christmas tree inspiration ...