poly_mnia: The 💔 by the ✂
PeMo2020: Ikaria/Ικαρία - Tavern and harbour of Gialiskari (2) | Greece/Ελλάδα
poly_mnia: Tigger Too...and a Honey Jar...
jimacos: Football ground
Violeta Meleti: Monastery in Greece
Sakis Mouchtarides: About Fluxus
Violeta Meleti: In the street..
Peny_Giannakou: ..//..//..//
jimacos: Sup day
Lucille-bs: Vieille femme crétoise
Peny_Giannakou: ..//..//..//
poly_mnia: FireFighters and FireEngine 🚒👩‍🚒👨‍🚒
Sakis Mouchtarides: Primitive Night Dance
PeMo2020: Ikaria/Ικαρία - Tavern in Amalou | Greece/Ελλάδα
poly_mnia: Victims and Survivors...
poly_mnia: A Lonely Man with a Simple Water Hose...
Stefanos Chronis: 400. Therma Spa, Lesvos island, Aegean sea
Jordan_K: listen to reason
poly_mnia: A Water Tank and Two Volunteers...
poly_mnia: The Helicopter On Its Way