May-margy: 心情的故事。慕⋯ 江賢二作品。2020.09.29 於台東美術館
Yulia Durova: 4H4A0563
Rich Levine: Patiently Waiting for the Act to Open
Photoartitude: House chores
Cole_Tab: 134/365
Holger Goehler: Aufgelöst
segalophir: DSC01668
m.wilson163: Follow Me
mbrousseau: Lonely Road
virflores_fotos: Tengo más fantasmas que amigos.
janmajani: Do you remember those words? The bird and I
Luis Hdez. Mendiola: 20191222_160704
{jessica drossin}: Autumn Joy
[@]Jendrix56: Last days of a strange summer
Soraya Martínez: Mundo de fantasía
Rich Levine: Finding Faith
eddanilov: Thai boy
Sofia Sitnikiene: And you were there
marcus.greco: Broken dreams
snapped59: Mellow Medway Mood .....
*мinυtiαe: The αllegory of the cave
Photo Oleo: Bittersweet
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pan³: 2020-05-04_20-30-53