jassim madan: DSC_8404
Stan S. Gallery: Summer - Following the trail 2
Stan S. Gallery: Summer - Peaceful time at the lake
Tobyotter: The Man, acrylic paint
birdsandherps: Ridley Brook in Duxbury VT.
Tobyotter: Melancholy
Tobyotter: This afternoons painting, Impasto, acrylics
Sean Lancaster: Sunrise in San Francisco
Stan S. Gallery: Hawaiin surf in a sphere
BeanheadWisconsin: ...frozen bubble gone wild...
A.Davey: Serendipity
Tobyotter: 9/10’s of the law
maineman152 (Lou): 2019_0417Ageing-Angel0001
BeanheadWisconsin: Fishing...on Little Cedar Creek
Martin's Pixels & Words & Resistance: Dining at the Cosmos Cafe
Stan S. Gallery: Hawaii - Cross currents
dawn_macroart: Paperback Writer 1
Tobyotter: Pastels on gray paper
mzwarthoed: From the series: "Plastic: A Toxic Love Story"
michael_hamburg69: Passing stranger
jassim madan: my love yassmin 🌹🌹RIP🌹🌹😪
jassim madan: DSC_7237
marikoen: In the woods
Julie70 Joyoflife: Home, sun arrives on the tulip
BeanheadWisconsin: Along...came...a...spider!
BeanheadWisconsin: On the ice, in the rain...
billrock54: Young Man With Red Trunks