schegao: Lisboa
billrock54: Unknown Portrait
Phil Johnson II: Inner Circle
jassim madan: DSC_8036
jassim madan: DSC_8029
billrock54: American Masculinity
mzwarthoed: From the series: "Arrangements?"
Carl Vanassche: IMG_1564 - Version 4
schegao: Gulbenkian- Lisbon
billrock54: Sean, Strip Club Hubby
schegao: The beginning - preparing the first day of school
Chic Bee: I Love Ceramic Art
mzwarthoed: From the series: "In close touch"
koen_jacobs: She's like the wind
Reconstructing Light: Mal Pas moonrise
birdsandherps: Camels Hump from Williston, VT.
Jeffrey Coolwater: Lake Ontario Surreal Sunset
BeanheadWisconsin: I'm not the only one with a chicory addiction...
badjonni: Chrysler factory in Adelaide
Stan S. Gallery: Summer - the forest canopy as seen in wet reflections on the lake
katrin glaesmann: Jumping at the Chance
PenneyBR also known as Brian: Hover fly focus peeked 1
jassim madan: DSC_8404
Stan S. Gallery: Summer - Following the trail 2
Stan S. Gallery: Summer - Peaceful time at the lake
Tobyotter: The Man, acrylic paint
birdsandherps: Ridley Brook in Duxbury VT.