birdsandherps: Cabin Fever’s quiet desperation is beginning to set in. I’m digging into the archives and found this image of a Male Common Yellowthroat. It was taken 7/24/2019 on The Little River Road in Waterbury, VT. Olympus OM-Dc1 mk.II, Zuiko 300mm. F 4.
birdsandherps: A view of the beauty that will be coming soon in the New England area. Coming to a flower pot or garden near you.
birdsandherps: Winter roof snow and ice curls
birdsandherps: Looking South at the end of our front porch
birdsandherps: Being in two different states on the Wells River in Groton, VT.
birdsandherps: "Big Eddy Swimming Area" on the Wild Ammonoosuc River in Swiftwater, N.H.
birdsandherps: Todd and Ken's first married kiss
birdsandherps: Winter’s Early Morning Sun
birdsandherps: Half Full
birdsandherps: 4:28PM, 01/22/2020 The setting sun on the mountains slightly northeast of Waterbury VT. This is just a 70° turn to the right from “my field”. This is State Drive and that turns onto Park Row. It was gorgeous!
birdsandherps: Black-capped Chickadee
birdsandherps: Iceland Spar
birdsandherps: A Vermont resident but it's hometown was the Herkimer, NY.area.
birdsandherps: A female Hairy Woodpecker at the suet feeder
birdsandherps: “My Field” this Morning in Waterbury, VT. January 2nd. 2020
birdsandherps: A White Breasted Nuthatch at one of suet feeders
birdsandherps: Ray’s Christmas Amaryllis
birdsandherps: Wishing all of our Flickr friends a Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings and a healthy, prosperous 2020.
birdsandherps: Goldfinch 1
birdsandherps: Goldfinch 2
birdsandherps: “My Field” in Waterbury VT. this morning. Dec. 18th. 2019
birdsandherps: A female Hairy Woodpecker
birdsandherps: “My field” this morning. Dec. 16th. 2019
birdsandherps: St. Patricks Catholic Church interior, Moretown, VT.
birdsandherps: Friday night drive into town
birdsandherps: The Bald Eagle was back today just down from the house.
birdsandherps: Tufted Titmouse at the feeder
birdsandherps: December 5th. 2019. “My Field” in Waterbury, VT.
birdsandherps: Bald Eagle