birdsandherps: Glossy Ibis (Image II)
birdsandherps: Parachute material
birdsandherps: Glossy Ibis
birdsandherps: Male Yellow Warbler
birdsandherps: Female Yellow Warbler
birdsandherps: Morning sun on Phalaenopsis orchid blossoms.
birdsandherps: Eastern Phoebe
birdsandherps: A Goldfinch either grabbing a snack or nesting material
birdsandherps: Sunburst Over Lowell VT.
birdsandherps: Scribner Bridge in East Johnson, VT.
birdsandherps: Spiderwort
birdsandherps: One of the many views in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.
birdsandherps: Rushing, bye!
birdsandherps: Only once and very briefly
birdsandherps: Taking the plunge is freedom
birdsandherps: Eastern Kingbird
birdsandherps: Mourning Dove
birdsandherps: Nancy’s Door
birdsandherps: I believe this to be a juvenile Baltimore Oriole. The side of it’s bill seams to have “fleshy” look that young birds have. I was able to capture this image on the Vermont side of the Lake Champlain Bridge in Addison, VT.
birdsandherps: A female Downy Woodpecker
birdsandherps: Independence Day 2019
birdsandherps: An out building at the Chimney Point Historic Site Museum
birdsandherps: Un-ruffling that which has been ruffled.
birdsandherps: Cedar Waxwing
birdsandherps: A rather greenish but to me no less beautiful Goldfinch. The other one was the bright yellow I know but I was not able to get an acceptable image of it. Ryegate/Ryegate Corner VT.
birdsandherps: An Eastern Phoebe, Newbury, VT.
birdsandherps: Great Crested Flycatcher
birdsandherps: A stare as piercing as it's talons
birdsandherps: Beautiful Apex Predator
birdsandherps: Very Briefly Carbonated