Ron Fisher: D21585. Beddgelert.
Phoenix Knight.: Basking in all your Glory. 19
Phoenix Knight.: Mount Snowdon. 19
Phoenix Knight.: View down the Llanymawddwy Valley. 19
steamnut777: classic car
babs pix: 'Unbind the wing'
Phoenix Knight.: On a high road in wild Wales. 19
Phoenix Knight.: Only in wild Wales. 19
steamnut777: Llanfair
steamnut777: barmouth
steamnut777: welsh church yard.
Phoenix Knight.: Stairway to Heaven. 19
Phoenix Knight.: Break through. 9
margaretpugnet: Shed in the woods ... Dolgoch Falls.
margaretpugnet: On the way up Dolgoch Falls ...
margaretpugnet: Outfall ... Tywyn beach.
margaretpugnet: Whilst waiting for a sunset ... along Tywyn beach.
Phoenix Knight.: Sunset through a broken fence. 19
Ron Fisher: D21421. Landing Point.
Ron Fisher: D21419. Nearly there.
Ron Fisher: D21418. Nearly back.
Ron Fisher: D21417. Rescue Boat.
Ron Fisher: D21412. Rescue Boat.
Ron Fisher: D21409. Rescued!
Ron Fisher: D21405. Rescue Boat.
Ron Fisher: D21401. Rescue Boat.
Ron Fisher: D21400. Search and Rescue.
Ron Fisher: D21398. Stranded!
Welsh photographs - thanks for 7 million views: Powis Castle, Welshpool, Powys, Wales 14.07.19 (AW07 120)
Phoenix Knight.: Smile please. 19