ohefin: Cats
ohefin: Food stand - (86/366)
ohefin: Busy body rosie
ohefin: Open wide
ohefin: After dinner mint ice cream
ohefin: Mmmm ice cream
ohefin: Solar power fountain - (86/366)
ohefin: Light on the gate.
ohefin: Sunlight
ohefin: All quite - (85/366)
ohefin: Rosie
ohefin: Rusty old petrol pump
ohefin: Gallons
ohefin: Petrol pump
ohefin: Diet Coke today.
ohefin: Old petrol pumps - (84/366)
ohefin: Chair
ohefin: A stretch cat lol!
ohefin: Sunlight - (83/366)
ohefin: View through the trees
ohefin: Diesels and steam trains.
ohefin: Mirror reflection - (82/366)
ohefin: Park padarn
ohefin: Padarn Lake view
ohefin: Park padarn
ohefin: Cheese scones
ohefin: Ingredients for making scones
ohefin: Big cheese scones - (81/366)
ohefin: Misty padarn lake
ohefin: Boats in mist