Markus Branse: Cacatua sanguinea
rod1691: Carlsbad Beach Dawn 29-10-9-19
Marten Sikkens: IMG_0930_edited-1
davd_fm: SuperSplash (3)
Marten Sikkens: IMG_0953_edited-1
rvk82: Wildlife at Kovalam Beach, India
** Janets Photos **: Atmosphere Creator ...
M M Praxe: Juventud
donnieking1811: 1949 Horizon Blue 4-door Cadillac
donnieking1811: Nothing Shall Be Impossible
Berin_73: Olympus
Mia Battaglia photography: Greece, September 2019
Zygios: Sweeping road in Zion
Bernd Fotograf: Schloss Benrath
Bernd Fotograf: Schwebebahnlauf 2019
Bernd Fotograf: DoKomi 2019
tpeters2600: 2019-10-12-08
etherflyer: Icefjord III.bottom
J.L. Ramsaur Photography: Sunset at Turney Ford Field - Gordonsville, Tennessee
smiley006: WorldTrade Center6, 1976
michaelwalker19: Three in the Light
Michael@0730: The Haneul Park, a place where silvergrass, pink muhly and summer cypress are being instilled slowly by autumn colors.
BonniesNaturePhotography: macroofyellowandblackinsecttakenwithtokina100mmwatermarked-10-13-2019
BonniesNaturePhotography: tuftedtitmouseinbackyardwatermarked-10-13-2019
BonniesNaturePhotography: turkeyvulturewatermarked-10-13-2019
FredGNoVa: Sabino Canyon - 01
FredGNoVa: Sabino Canyon Ambiance
tpeters2600: 2019-10-04