donnieking1811: Patio behind Derryberry Hall
donnieking1811: Henderson Hall
donnieking1811: Christmas Tree in Dogwood Park
donnieking1811: Early Morning in Cookeville
donnieking1811: Cane Creek Park
donnieking1811: Cane Creek Lake
donnieking1811: Cane Creek Park
donnieking1811: Cookeville Fall Colors
donnieking1811: First Presbyterian Church
donnieking1811: Pick Your Color
donnieking1811: The Naked Tree
donnieking1811: Tennessee Volunteers Chevy Pickup Truck
donnieking1811: Fall Color
donnieking1811: A tiny jailhouse in the park?
donnieking1811: Part of Mural representing Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech.
donnieking1811: New Chapel at Lee University
donnieking1811: A Green Tiny House
donnieking1811: Carmike Cinemas
donnieking1811: St. Luke's Episcopal Church
donnieking1811: Lee University
donnieking1811: Johnny Bench
donnieking1811: Fence with toys at the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum
donnieking1811: St. Mary's Assumption Church
donnieking1811: The Ritz Theatre
donnieking1811: Steps leading not only to a higher court, but the Supreme Court.....of Arkansas
donnieking1811: Arkansas State Capitol Building
donnieking1811: Lobby of The Bourbon Orleans Hotel
donnieking1811: Slow morning at the pool.
donnieking1811: Artwork for sale around Jackson Square
donnieking1811: Orleans Grapevine Wine Bar & Bistro