donnieking1811: Sunliner Diner
donnieking1811: Chimney Tops
donnieking1811: A Little Color in the Smokies
donnieking1811: Great Smoky Mountains National Park
donnieking1811: Yellow Glow in the Smokies
donnieking1811: Color along Newfound Gap Road
donnieking1811: Autumn Color in the Great Smoky Mountains
donnieking1811: Girl blowing a Dandelion and a 1940 Ford Deluxe
donnieking1811: Tuberous Rose
donnieking1811: A Gatlinburg Autumn
donnieking1811: House Along Hwy. E. 90 in Kentucky
donnieking1811: It's Your Thing...Do What You Wanna Do
donnieking1811: Twin Falls
donnieking1811: Lexington Sunset
donnieking1811: Sunliner Diner and 1957 Ford Fairlane
donnieking1811: Dream Bikes Mural
donnieking1811: Blue Autumn Sky in the Smokies
donnieking1811: Sunset Along the Tracks
donnieking1811: Fall Color
donnieking1811: The Writing is on the Wall
donnieking1811: Ristorante Vincenzo
donnieking1811: Autumn Blaze
donnieking1811: Hay Barn
donnieking1811: Great Smoky Mountains Fall Color
donnieking1811: Autumn Leaves
donnieking1811: Sunliner Diner and Ford Fairlane
donnieking1811: Fall near Gatlinburg
donnieking1811: The Cross in Pigeon Forge
donnieking1811: Awesome Eagle says "Wings Up, Masks Up!"
donnieking1811: Looking Glass Falls