Kevin Povenz: Holland on the south side.... Explore
RobertCross1 (off and on): Sunlight in a Washington Winter
RobertCross1 (off and on): Nubble in Winter
RobertCross1 (off and on): Castle Valley Mesa Blue
RobertCross1 (off and on): Oregon High Desert in Summer
docoverachiever: Color on a grey day
barbara carroll: desert sun flare
Hemmings Photo Tours: Polar Bear Mom and Cubs
Polimo: Northwestern glacier, Kenai, Alaska...
ericrstoner: Wedding bells . . .
K.Verhulst: Maleise beer/ Sun bear
joestammer: Quatre Dents
Matt Champlin: Red and White Bridge Float
Ref54: Tulips are always my favourite
Northernstar28**: Autumn Trough
Northernstar28**: Traces of Autumn
Northernstar28**: Sun Worshipers
Northernstar28**: Hidden in the Far and Away of Time Gone By
guillermo_fernandez: de paseo por Toledo
Andrew Mowbray: New Growth
axelina2000: Peles Castle
Brimack: Autumn On The River Dee
Michael.Kemper: Salzburg - Cathedral
Tim E. aus B.: Wasserschloss
Guizzosoprano: Blue hour sur La Cadière