davidwilliamreed: If Not For Love, Then For What?
davidwilliamreed: It Take Guts To Be Gentle And Kind
davidwilliamreed: Looking Out
davidwilliamreed: High Museum of Art
davidwilliamreed: Black Lives Matter. Stop Asian Hate.
davidwilliamreed: Ponce City Market
davidwilliamreed: Uniting Atlanta
davidwilliamreed: Elevate, Educate
davidwilliamreed: Musicians
davidwilliamreed: Lots of Colors
davidwilliamreed: West Bank Park
davidwilliamreed: Eatonton, GA. City Hall
davidwilliamreed: Armstrong Park
davidwilliamreed: Fall Color at Lake Lanier
davidwilliamreed: Ponce City Market
davidwilliamreed: Autumn Leaves
davidwilliamreed: Charles "Buddy" Bolden
davidwilliamreed: Louis Armstrong
davidwilliamreed: Atlanta Botanical Garden
davidwilliamreed: Shell Beach
davidwilliamreed: United House Of Prayer For All People