Fgjbn: Escaleras al cielo
DameBoudicca: The coat left behind
Mial1: Faculty of Law Library
nabobswims: Lisbon, Portugal: Saldanha metro station (Yellow [Linha Amarela] Line). Passage to Red Line.
nabobswims: Seattle, WA: King Street railway station
nabobswims: Moscow, Russia: Savyolovskaya metro station. Art gallery in the transfer mall between Lines 8A/11 & 9
hans pohl: Palais national
EC1 Matt: Emptiness
Alexander Dülks: Where do you want to discuss our future?
⌘⌘⌘: _MG_4861
steve_whitmarsh: Executive Corridor
achim brandt: lightroom
Burçin YILDIRIM: Department of Radio and Television University of Silesia / BAAS Arquitectura + Grupa 5 Architekci + Małeccy Biuro Projektowe
CONTROTONO: Haus Des Rundfunks
CONTROTONO: Basilica di Santa Maria in Ara coeli al Campidoglio
Mark Dookie Doo: The Cathedral Les Halles in Paris, France.
Yasu Torigoe: Malbork Castle: unique ceiling, rooms and walls within the castle, Malbork, Poland. 086a
Vaxjo: Eglise Saint Bruno Lès Chartreux - Lyon
Wolfgang Bazer: San Vitale, Ravenna
DameBoudicca: A quiet corner
Sam H. Maas: Coregrinder
MIgracionTOtal: Stazione Stura
frediquessy: Académie de musique de Saint-Quentin
antonkimpfbeck: " Lichtauge "
Yasu Torigoe: Malbork Castle: interior steps within the castle, Malbork, Poland. 076-Edita
Adaptabilly: The big reveal
murielle1957: Passage secret.