GR167: Welcome to Margaritaville
hares7: H & M & K Monochrome, Motorway Flyover, Central Park, Voronezh, Russian Federation. Monochrome, Lychgate & Gravestones, St. Oswalds' Church & Cemetery, Newton Under Roseberry, North Yorkshire, England. Monochrome, Architecture & Street Landscape, Chateaudun, Central-Val De Loire, French Republic.
JPhC*: Img JPhC*531
johnscratchley: Foggy Morn in a Garry Oak Meadow
johnscratchley: Isthmus at Shoal Bay (Panorama)
johnscratchley: On a Morning in Spring
Jens Michael Schuh: P-0091 Coal mine "Zollern", Dortmund, Germany
Junei Abe: 雪の朝
Junei Abe: 雪の朝
Junei Abe: 雪の朝
cofaffotografie: flickr-2246.jpg
Svend RS: Clouds are rising
Guillermo Esteves: Grand Canyon Village, Grand Canyon National Park. December, 2019.
smithbill327: Wet day on the back streets of Colne..
.KiLTЯo.: So this song will end
CactusD: Avebury Avenue
klausrxt: The winter is not over yet
Northwoods Apparition: Hunter Creek, Dowagiac Woods Nature Preserve
Thirsty Hrothgar: Lying in wait
Charlie Packard: Coombe Hill silhouette...
John Gravett LPH: Robinson mono