chrisfriel: heroin 2017
Gay In Spandex: Dumont Dunes
Gay In Spandex: Fire Ravaged Joshua Trees
Gay In Spandex: Waiting for a Plane to Arrive
Alf Branch: Buttermere reflection
rocallosa: When big is little and little is big (BW)
Junei Abe: 階段
Junei Abe: 花散る道
Junei Abe: 小雨の日
johnscratchley: Finlayson Arm
Northwoods Apparition: Amheek Stamp Mill Ruins
Guillermo Esteves: The Teton range after an early September snowstorm, Grand Teton National Park. September, 2020.
Manfred Hofmann: in Deidesheim
Manfred Hofmann: in Deidesheim Happisburgh beach blocks | Norfolk
chairman.bill: Foggy Morning
uselessbay: Grille Sunset
Colin McIntosh: D7K_4826
rwscholte: valdorcia_bagno vignoni-2 Monochrome, Unesco World Heritage Site, Western Wall (Wailing Wall), Old City, Jerusalem, State Of Israel. Monochrome, Coastal Landscape, Dead Sea, State Of Israel. Monochrome, Mountain Landscape, Dead Sea Region, State Of Israel.
Junei Abe: ミゾソバと蟻
Junei Abe: エゾアジサイ
Junei Abe: 雨に打たれたマタタビの花(Actinidia polygama flowers struck by the rain)
peterdayson: Morning Mist
@Tuomo: autumnal equinox
Wayne Interessiert's: Becoming & passing away #3
yannGueguen photo: Dark moorning
.KiLTЯo.: Vocales desconocidas