Tom Gore: Andie - from the Beauty Project
Doyle Wesley Walls: A Title Struggling Mightily (and without Success) to Avoid Including the Word DICTATION in Some Fashion
schwarzt92: Enjoy the evening sun.
RéGis.: Cuba - Trinidad
jhberger505: Land conservation celebration, The Winery at Bull Run, Manassas, Virginia
davidmilletti: Gli occhi di mio padre.
Jack Rogers Photography: 190714-0236.jpg
Vinn_Nielsen: IMG_20200604_120114
frames from life: Time to leave
Alexandrox360: SunSet Bike Road
Alexandrox360: DUO SHOOT
nichols_: Jeremy & Iris
Phancurio: That's him!
MEOT Youri: la gueulante
philippeprovost1: Femme vietnamienne
Neal J.Wilson: Sod (94)-01
OjoPorOso: 2020-05-18_04-43-45
Kirk Stauffer: Fern.Unfurling @ Stone Way Café
Sharif Ahmed BD: An Experimental Portrait
Santi L.: Do not disturb