ellen.kalkman: Lines and perspective
b.f.a.hell: Butterfly Bridge
a-r-g-u-s: ESTRUCTURA
peterkaroblis: Madrid - Edificio Espana
chrispo1705: From below
Jean-Louis DUMAS: Black Windows
Al Perrette: Power to the People
bernard.saubot: Urban abstract series
Nucleix: Spiralité et linéarité I - Spirality and linearity I
YIP2: Up&Down
bb1mm1: The Pei pyramid at midday
2n2907: Twisted Abstract
Kombizz: Deep Inside
Adaptabilly: Blue Mosque dome
SouOLeonardo: Estudos
JacLine Hein: Ouverture
NORDIC Lightbeams: Look at me !
neumann.deutschland: Inside an Elevator
petermüller21: The lost swimming pool
Bunaro: Silja Line B
442BK: Where Shadow & Light Intersect
Yamabxl: Lucid dreaming ...
bernard.saubot: Abstract minimalism
BLANCA GOMEZ: Autovia del Suroeste
MarkBaker37: Freedom Bridge...
MerperC: Shapes of the Dali
Kombizz: Pointed Toward Blue