atone13: Charlie's new best friend.
alex_nk: green eyes
kirillr: Borya
gael-c: Chat de tokyo 16
KMW2700: Cosy time
KMW2700: Kitty in Ragnitz - Graz, Austria (Date Unknown)
lukecranitch: My beautiful cat Slippers
janette198: Portrait Of A Male Street Cat
Mike Edward: Under the Christmas Tree
inferno55: Alley Cat (Close-up)
inferno55: Alley Cat
kregarious: and the void screams back
aandrewcarr: Fast asleep
aandrewcarr: See the light
Chat Malicieux: DSCN0266
mlektm50s1959: Our Cats
Zarpazos en el corazón: Spritz - My orange cat.
Arutemu: Timothy
Arutemu: Timothy
Blanche ☆: Les yeux verts
Elyane11: Le regard qui transperce
Springael Georges: le gros chat gris Not photogenic
unjourquilfaisaitnuit: Libres chats de la campagne
unjourquilfaisaitnuit: Libres chats de la campagne