Laura Jacobsen: Fresh from Mt. Adams
72Prep: high usage
Dennis_R_Smith: October Road Elk in the shadows
Starlisa: The plants are gradually returning surrounding Bird Creek Falls, 5 years after the last fire. I thoroughly enjoyed spending some time up there yesterday!
Pacific NW / Nor Cal Surveyor: Enchanting Memories...
Sean Munson: Tarn near Spade Lake
Matthew James Lewis: Morning Moments
aroubin - Yay! 3 MILLION views!: Lake Serene and Mount Index
alpenglowtravelers: Reflect on This by Nina
Verilux Photography: Tree Shadows in the Mist
Laura Jacobsen: Under the Bridge and Over the Edge
lamoustique: Almost as good as acorns
jerrygabby1: Bald Eagle
Dennis_R_Smith: Geese Flying Above The River
Wambo Jambo: Reflection at Tumwater Canyon
Pacific NW / Nor Cal Surveyor: Timely Precissions
Pacific NW / Nor Cal Surveyor: Courage & [Re]Occurrences
aroubin - Yay! 3 MILLION views!: South Fork Stillaguamish River
Laura Jacobsen: Big Creek, towards the ravine
Laura Jacobsen: Autumn at Twin Falls
George Stenberg Photography: Red Row of Trees
Karen Molenaar Terrell: Autumn Comes to Lake Padden
Chris Lakoduk: Steamboat Rock Pano
Wambo Jambo: Colorful and Quiet
Pacific NW / Nor Cal Surveyor: Simmered Meanings...