fusrodahdude: The Desert Life
eyetwist: i'm a sinner. salvation mountain, ca. 2016.
listorama: Campsite in Valley of the Gods... 20150420_8825
ER's Eyes.: El Tatio Geothermal Field (Geysers), Calama, Chile.
oldmantravels: Four groups of rock climbers
oldmantravels: The tough spot on route
oldmantravels: Sunshine wall and buckwheat
oldmantravels: Echo Basin view west from rim
tlswan2: Monument Valley
ron.bohlander: salt wash utah 2
young00: IMG_0002
esploiter: Punta de la Peña
oldmantravels: Frenchman Coulee from trail
oldmantravels: Following my curiosity
AnEyeForTexas: Rosillos Ranch
ER's Eyes.: The Putana River (Vado Rio Putana), San Pedro de Atacama, the Atacama Desert, Antofagasta, Chile.
ER's Eyes.: Al-Kab Monuments, Esna, Egypt.
ER's Eyes.: The Mount Chacaltaya (5,421 meters or 17,785 ft), the Cordillera Real, Bolívia, South America.
young00: sun set
manny480: Lake Pleasant Arizona USA
dogslobber: Plaza Blanca
dogslobber: Plaza Blanca (Explore)
dogslobber: Cottonwood
dogslobber: Monolith
listorama: Islands in a bedrock sea... 20080509_8025
ER's Eyes.: The White Lagoon (Laguna Blanca) at 4,350 meters (14,270 ft), Bolivian Highlands (Altiplano Boliviano), Sur Lípez, Potosí, Bolivia.
tlswan2: Golden Hour at Agathla Peak
manny480: Houses in Cave Creek Arizona USA
listorama: Three Gossips... 20080509_7909