doveoggi: Grand Teton peak
doveoggi: Grand Teton National Park
doveoggi: Morning light on the Snake River in Idaho
doveoggi: Hayward Field at the U of Oregon
doveoggi: Reeds and clouds at Seaside
doveoggi: North Head Lighthouse on the Washington coast
doveoggi: Cape Meares on the Oregon Coast
doveoggi: Arcadia Beach scene
doveoggi: Arcadia Beach
doveoggi: Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach
doveoggi: Sea stacks on Cannon Beach
doveoggi: Cloudy day on the beach
doveoggi: Oregon beach with surfers
doveoggi: Devil's Punchbowl Arch on the Oregon Coast
doveoggi: Northern Nevada in smoke from California
doveoggi: Cart
doveoggi: Grand Canyon overview
doveoggi: Grand Canyon scenic locator
doveoggi: Enjoying the view
doveoggi: Bottom of the Canyon
doveoggi: Grand Canyon rim and buttes
doveoggi: A tree on the rim
doveoggi: Grand Canyon cliffs and Desert Vew Watchtower
doveoggi: Eastern end of the Grand Canyon National Park
doveoggi: Flowers and mountains
doveoggi: Looking down to the valley
doveoggi: Lockett Meadow
doveoggi: A few years after the forest fire
doveoggi: Wupatki National Monument-doorway
doveoggi: Wupatki National Monument