doveoggi: Monemvasia-a street in the lower town
doveoggi: Stone houses in Vathia
doveoggi: Vathia an abandoned town on the Mani Peninsula
doveoggi: The end of the Mani Peninsula
doveoggi: Gythio, Greece
doveoggi: Sheep traffic jam
doveoggi: Mystras and the castle above
doveoggi: The castle at Mystras
doveoggi: The path
doveoggi: A church in Mystras
doveoggi: Abandoned church
doveoggi: A lane in Mystras
doveoggi: An entrance at Mystras
doveoggi: Olympic Stadium and track-Sanctuary of Olympia
doveoggi: The Gymnasium at Olympia
doveoggi: A square in Nafplion and the fortress above
doveoggi: Nafplion harbor
doveoggi: Nafplion harbor
doveoggi: Syntagma Square, Nafplion
doveoggi: Flowers on the castle wall
doveoggi: Fortress of Larissa
doveoggi: The ruins of Mycenae, one of the major centres of Greek civilization
doveoggi: The Lion Gate at Mycenae
doveoggi: Theater at Epidarus
doveoggi: Theater at Epidarus
doveoggi: Corinthian Canal
doveoggi: Lake Ohrid on the border between Albania and North Macedonia
doveoggi: The Bazaar in Korca
doveoggi: Cathedral of the Resurrection, Korca
doveoggi: A bunker in Erseke, Albania