mikelan1986: Fall Flares
walneylad: Gracie smiling for the camera
walneylad: Gracie with a found tennis ball
munn1: 43
HawkEyes0v0: Pandemic stricken stadium
Don Filmer: Storm over the farm
Don Filmer: Fall colour in the marsh
mikelan1986: West Coast Colours
walneylad: Gracie watching some little dogs
walneylad: Gracie in profile
walneylad: Gracie on the trail
yuanxizhou: Trout lake Vancouver
richardjack57: Fall Pumpkin
walneylad: Gracie looking ready to pounce
walneylad: Gracie pausing on the stairs
walneylad: Gracie smiling happily
MauriceLavoie: Sunrise along the banks of the Pitt River
walneylad: The way back home
walneylad: The river through the trees
walneylad: The trail up the ridge
walneylad: The woods in the afternoon
walneylad: Cleveland Dam in full flow
walneylad: The woods in autumn
walneylad: West Vancouver, BC Support Unit FS17-2
HawkEyes0v0: Hidden hopper
richardjack57: Northern Flicker (Colaptes auratus)
ppanek511: Ironworkers Memorial Bridge
yuanxizhou: blackcomb whistler
jon_spalding: Evening on the south arm of the Fraser River
RichmondPest: Snow Geese Oct. 20/20. West Dyke, Richmond BC