alight: heart earth
sarimeh: The wall
alight: heartlight!
saudades1000: what is your love story?
-Leot-: Love Comes in All Shapes and Sizes
saudades1000: all we need
saudades1000: love is in the air
saudades1000: cranberry love
saudades1000: walk into sunset
saudades1000: romantic cliché
saudades1000: love flame
alight: heartful equinox!
earthdog: Sweet Pop Rocks
saudades1000: Love smiles
alight: birthday gifts!
saudades1000: Because half of me is love,so is the other half
saudades1000: Himalayan love
Vesy_nik: heart of stone
Vesy_nik: heart of stone
Thomas W.P. Slatin: Little Girl Smile
Vesy_nik: heart of stone
alight: happy hearts!
Straub Tamás: 20150501-IMGP1790
saudades1000: Message in a Heart
Straub Tamás: 20170301-IMGP5637
hammer.adrienn: You're My Heart, You're My Soul
saudades1000: sweethearts Explore 02.10.18
Tomitheos: Sometimes ❤ just happens..