nomadsnature: Enormous
MS-1976: I got this bulldog as a christmas present after my English bulldog "Clara" died. It has been many years, but I still miss her
MS-1976: Christmas. 2019
MS-1976: Christmas. 2019
MS-1976: Sunset. (De Panne)
MS-1976: Christmas. 2019
nomadsnature: Distant
MS-1976: The nature reserve in Adinkerke.
paulblades48: “Faith” Moored On The River Tyne.
David Gange: Orion H Alpha
Trainspotting Focsani: 1 December, Romanian National Day at Alba Iulia
LOB52: 🇵🇾 Casa de adobe en la compañía San Vicente, Departamento Cordillera
MS-1976: Timmy
MS-1976: Vieuw to the big lighthouse. (Nieuwpoort)
MS-1976: Nieuwpoort
MS-1976: View from De Panne to Dunkerque
MS-1976: Seagulls in De Panne
MS-1976: De Panne
MS-1976: Fishing. (Nieuwpoort)
MS-1976: View from the ferris wheel.(De Panne)
MS-1976: Donkey in Adinkerke
MS-1976: Nature reserve.(De Panne)
MS-1976: Nature reserve (De Panne)
MS-1976: De Panne
LOB52: 🇲🇽 Quincho at night
LOB52: 🇬🇧 Ferris Wheel in Winter Wonderland
LOB52: 🇺🇸 Some place in Manhattan… it seem that wine was drunk.