Dave S Beattie: Fall colors against a contrasting background and partly sunny sky.
Dave S Beattie: Fall colors on a gray day,
AlanW17: Mary Elin - Little Black Dress
AlanW17: Happy Together
brooklandsspeedway: Layers of the Mountains
John Bald: Pathway to the Gods (53707)
11x11: The Best Computer of the 80's-2.jpg
11x11: Photoshop & Graphics of Old-1.jpg
11x11: The Best Computer of the 80's-3-2.jpg
11x11: Old TV Show Comics-1.jpg
11x11: Photoshop & Graphics of Old-3.jpg
11x11: Graphic Novels-3.jpg
Mawz: Little Shoots of Green
greensteves: San Francisco Bay from Claremont Hills
angelspayson: PC140321
Bob Shrader: Morton Salt Plant
YEH-DODO: PC011167
climb6a: Dritter Advent
RJAB2012: Morning light on a Spotted Hyena Cub
Lainey1: Doc Martin Ruffled
Andres Bertens: Espatifilo (Spathiphyllum sp).
Ody on the mount: Fallen Leaves...
bohelsted: Visiting Mom & Dad (4): Dad in his room
bohelsted: Visiting Mom & Dad (2): Making coffee
bohelsted: Visiting Mom & Dad (3): Mom
bohelsted: Visiting Mom & Dad (1): More coffee
k4zzt: sunset in the foothills
Jamarem: Winter Light
Boyce905: Wide Boy - PC131189
French_Rookie: Children's competition