MARITAWE: Macro Mondays. One Color. Brown love
carso2: Light, color and reflections
Alexandre D_: Bandstand with christmas lights (v.2017)
Dieter Gora: Diesel 6.2 Liter - geht doch ;-)
gráce: Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day...
Mejk Me: Große Freiheit - St. Pauli - #FlickrFriday - #Neon
Giulio Buonomini: Autumn, Campo Felice
Alexandre D_: Rafale Solo Display 2014
Violette Nell: The Eye of Paris ( Interiors ) .
Sparkle_Design: Champs de vision 3
Ptittomtompics: DSC04712
Vincent Mattina (aka FLUX): Harvest Cessation
Giulio Buonomini: Autumn , Campo Felice
Rui.Roda: Excavadora - Coral Romà
drager meurtant: Porto Parque Sculpture
Dragongris: GUGGY_B6W_20
drager meurtant: Memorial
alcides OTA: Castle of Komaki Park
david baliko: IMG_2968-Pano
Amba-lee: Misty Morning
photo_by_Hansi: leafs on the road
sakisdb: in the meantime, something was happening in the sky
InTheMind: Elfenbankje - Trametes versicolor
InTheMind: Together
Dragongris: BENI-2018-VLC_56