Marco Trovò: Ljubljana - Last colors in Congress Square
Thomas Mulchi: Bayon – Stone faces
Dr. Mike Caudle: World War i Memorial - Over the Top
Adriano_2 on-off: Bominaco (AQ), le mura del castello alla luce del tramonto.
sirio58: Museo Lavazza - progetto : Studio Internazionale di Ralph Appelbaum
Nathan_Arrington: Greenpoint War Memorial 009
GFerreiraJr ®: Relaxante até pros olhos...
Mutnedjmet: Tempel der Hatschepsut, Deir el-Bahari, Luxor Unesco World Heritage Site, Ancient Architecture, Giza Plateau & The Great Pyramid, Giza, Cairo, Egypt.
Photos Studio One: Les belles couleurs du temple de Médinet Abou
jeffergray: The Abbey of Batalha, Portugal (1388 - 1438, with later additions) - view of the nave (80 meters long x 22 meters wide x 32 meters high)
Passqual: Digamos que hablo de Madrid
Passqual: Un día festivo
Thanassis Fournarakos-12 million views: PELOPONNESE, S. GREECE, SUMMER 2018 #5920A ΠΕΛΟΠΟΝΝΗΣΟΣ, ΚΑΛΟΚΑΙΡΙ 2018
Tim Ravenscroft: Nijo building and pine branch
Richard Collier - Wildlife and Travel Photography: Hindu Temple No 2 in Tamil Nadu (21)
Richard Collier - Wildlife and Travel Photography: Thirumala Inaick Palace - Madurai (16)
Elisabeth Gaj: Vietnam 2011- 203
zorro1945: Prambanan - Central Group of Temples
zorro1945: Prambanan
GFerreiraJr ®: Sexta arte...
Imagestar Mick: Aig a ’Chrois-rathaid (At the Crossroads)
Imagestar Mick: Caisteal Caerlaverock (Caerlaverock Castle)
zorro1945: Yogyakarta - Vihara Buddha Prabha Chinese Temple
zorro1945: Jaipur - City Palace Gate
Yasu Torigoe: View of structure in front of the Alta Museum - World Center for Rock near the town of Alta, Norway-36a Modern Architecture, Teeside University Building The Curve, Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England. Monochrome, Half Timber Building, Amboise, Central-Val De Loire, France.
Pucci Sauro: Massa Marittima -Settembre 2019-
Pucci Sauro: Massa Marittima -Settembre 2019-